Thursday, June 25, 2009

Karnival & Pesta Produk Tempatan 2009.

"The Flyers."

"Some clothing that were sell."

"The carnival's banner."

"This sauce is awesome."

"The aloe vera juice."

"Traditional Bruneian food called KUYA packed."

"My Lil Bro. =)"

"Those chocolates biscuits are crunchy."

"My Lil bro playing the HOOP game."

"Traditional mini handicrafts."

"My Lil bro again, playing the HOOP game."

"A local ceramic company."

"Kain tenunan SYARIKAT HANYES."

"My random shot, the macro version."

''The chicken rice. xP Yum2!"

"Random shot with my dslr."



Hye, peeps. How ya'll doin? Fuuh. Today early in the morning i'm off to kaybee
or to be perect "seria". Huhu. Emmm, on the way to seria, i sleept like a baby
in the car. Hahaha!! We went around 7.00 am. We reaach seria at around almost 9.00 am.
When we arrive there, my mom brought us to C.A Mohamed Restaurant for a breakfast.
Woow, felt full. Huhu. After that we went straight to the carnival itself.
I was suprised to see what a lot of local products were being sell. Some of the products
really get my attention. Like the "Aloe vera Juice." It's an awesome juice. Huhu.
I dont't regret going there. =) After going around the carnival and taking pictures of
their products for about 3 hours, my mom brought us to a restaurant called "LEE LOI FATT"
for luch. This restaurant, according to my mom's friend has the best "Chicken Rice" and
"Rojak" in kaybee. Whoaa!! I agreed to my mom's friend, this is indeed the best. Huhu.
I've snap a picture of the "Chicken Rice" and "Rojak". Oh, not to forget the "ABC".


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