Monday, June 29, 2009

Another Brazil Victory

Hye, readers.
Aku akhir tidur di malam. Hahah! Liat bula punya pasal.
FIFA Confed CUP : Brazil vs USA.
It was a great match though. I have to say, Brazil have done a good job.
Credit goes to Louis Fabiano, who scored Two goals for Brazil.
First half, USA scored two goals.
I was pissed on the first half. Hoping that Dunga will make something happen in the second half.
Then later on the second half, the Brazilian team did it, they shown to the USA team who they really are.
Three goals scored by the Brazilian.
  • First goal by "Louis Fabiano"
  • Second goal by "Louis Fabiano"
  • Third goal by the "Lucio"

"The Brazilian Team."

"Lucio & Maicon, kissing The FIFA Confed Cu"

"Louis Fabiano, recieved the Golden Shoe!"


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