Wednesday, July 1, 2009

DPMM FC vs Balestier Khalsa FC

Hye peeps, how ya'll duin?
Hope just ok. Huhuh. To CREDMAN (my regular reader) how are you bro?
Hahaha. Kes nadakan di cakapkan jua lagi tu. Hahah.
So here are my updates guys. Tonight i went to the Stadium Hassanal Bolkiah to watch a match between Brunei DPMM FC against Balestier Khalsa FC.
As usual i went with my brother and my cousin (chakoi) hahha.
Ok, straight to the point je.
Huhuhu. Brunei DPMM FC win the match with two goals scored.
The first goal was scored in the first half by "Shahrazen Said" on the 10th minute of the game.
Second goal was scored in the second half by "Rene Komar" on the 84th minute of the game.
I was pissed by the reffere of this match "Abas Daud." Ku tabas karang muhamu ah!!!
He gave a lot of unnecessary yellow cards to the DPMM players.
So here are some pictures of the match. ENJOYYY!!!!!!!!!!!


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