Sunday, July 19, 2009

B'day HMHO

Hye, again readers... This B'day actually is my nini punya b'day.
Well, not actually my nini, but he is my grandmother punya adik, so kirakan pangkat nini lah jua.
Hmmm, it's his birthday on the 8th of july, he held a dinner at the stadium restaurant.
We were invited, all the pic is taken by me. Hehehe.... I was soooooo not in the mood uploading it, till now baru tah ada mood. Hahah! So, yeah, do enjoy the pics.
To HMHO, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =)

"My lil bro HAZIQ IRFAN"

"Hahaha! Look at my small bro, cute eh."


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